You might want to think twice before you grab that breakfast sandwich on your morning Starbucks trip. According to USA Today, 250 stores have recalled the breakfast sandwich due to a possible listeria contamination.The recall is focused on the sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches with a best before date of “07-AUG-2016.”

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According to Fox News, the sandwiches were sold at Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma locations on March 3rd and March 4th. Although no listeria illnesses have been reported, the bacteria was found in the production facility. 

To make matters worse, Newsy explains it can take up to 70 days for listeria symptoms to emerge. So just to be safe, Starbucks is asking customers who did purchase the sandwich to return it for a full refund (but chances are if you did purchase the sandwich, you probably already ate it). Starbucks spokeswoman Snaja Gould tells USA Today we can rest assured that the “product itself has not tested positive for Listeria monocytogenes.” But in cases like these, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

According to the CDC, listeria symptoms include muscle aches, fever, and diarrhea. Those contaminated with the bacteria can be treated with antibiotics and should consult a doctor to discuss the consumption of the food.

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