Instagram’s decidedly raunchy—and definitely not vegetal—#EggplantFriday may now be a relic of the internet’s sordid past, but no one can keep pop culture’s favorite euphemism/nightshade from creeping back into the conversation. According to The Cut, someone has taken up the vegetable’s cause and launched Eggplant Mail, where enthusiasts can have an eggplant decked out with a message—PG or not—in silver marker and sent to someone IRL.

Eggplant Mail is not subtle about its intentions. The site asks users, “Want to send someone a real life penis emoji?” before promising to mail an anonymous eggplant with a message of your choice to anywhere around the globe for just $10. The company guarantees that their product is “100% Phallic. 100% Anonymous. 100% Disturbing.”

(Photo: Eggplant Mail)

Give it a good peel, and the recipient not only gets a real life dick emoji, but also the base for a classic parmigiana.

This isn’t the first time a creative business person has displayed some internet-based ingenuity when it comes to mailing edible dicks. Last year, internet service announced that for $15 plus shipping, it would mail a bag of gummy dicks anonymously to the person of your choice. While the message attached was not customizable (“EAT A BAG OF DICKS” is standard), and the candy is clearly less subtle than an eggplant, it’s nice to have options when mailing phallic snacks.

[via The Cut]