Ramen is one of the most glorious food stuffs, but when it comes to portability, it fails massively. One Japanese food company has engineered a solution, however, by transforming the dish into a sandwich filling, writes RocketNews24. Yes, Yamazaki—a maker of Japan’s popular crustless convenience store sandwiches—is selling carbed-out white bread pockets stuffed with noodles.

While the sandwiches are typically stuffed with fillings like tuna, egg salad, or fried chicken, Yamazaki is filling it with a a Yokohama-style ramen. The ramen features a mix of soy sauce broth and pork stock. The sandwich also features chunks of pork, in an attempt to mimic the chashu, or pork belly slices, found in the ramen. Best of all, the noodle sandwich will only set gluten-loving customers back $1.30. Will it give ramen-stuffed doughnuts a run for its money?

While stuffing ramen inside a sandwich isn’t as common, many have transformed the noodles into buns for burgers. The craze kicked off in New York City where chef Keizo Shimamoto first introduced the ramen burger, which was quickly imitated by restaurants across the country. A number of people have take the idea of ramen as bread one step further creating everything from ramen hoagie rolls to ramen grilled cheese sandwiches.

[via RocketNews24]