It’s no secret that Questlove is passionate about the food world. Besides formerly owning NYC fried-chicken restaurant Hybrid, The Roots’ drummer hosts his own quasi-cooking show, “Questlove’s Food Salon.”

In the latest episode—which recently served as the backdrop for a New York Times piece—an all-star crew of chefs, including Marcus Samuelsson, Mission Chinese’s Angela Dimayuga, Bill Telepan, and Jessica Koslow, make an epic four-course meal. Celebrities like TODAY‘s Al Roker and the Sprouse twins appear in the clip to munch on things as diverse as Samuelsson’s crisp chicken oysters and Koslow’s Malva pudding cake.

However, the episode’s most salient aspects occur when the chefs themselves open up about themselves and their crafts. Samuelsson breaks down the difficulties of being black, even in liberal Europe (“[Y]ou’re a black male, which is the most scrutinized animal on Earth”). Telepan compares being a professional chef to working Broadway. And Dimayuga explains that she isn’t just influenced by Asian cuisines, gathering ideas from Southern American and New York Jewish food.

If you have some time to spare this afternoon, investing nine minutes into experiencing a Questlove dinner party is well worth it.

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