If you follow the tabloids, you’ll know that it’s been a miserable couple weeks for Nick Young of the Los Angeles Lakers. Thanks to a leaked video filmed by rookie point guard D’Angelo Russell that allegedly caught Young talking about his rendezvous with a 19-year-old, the veteran guard is on the hot seat.

In an already abysmal season for the purple-and-gold franchise, the scandal has created a deep rift within the Lakers’ locker room that is translating onto the court as well. 

So how is Nick Young handling the media attention? In a bizarre, almost incomprehensible tweet that was quickly deleted earlier today, Young vented to his fans by recapping 2016 thus far, comparing his woes to Burger King’s new hot dogs and McDonald’s breakfast bowls:


The tweet—which also makes note of the Kyrie Irving-Kehlani situation, notes TMZ—was quickly removed and replaced with a more restrained response:


His disbelief mirrors ours—while the scandal is not only jeopardizing his love life, but also the Lakers organization, his inclination to relate his misfortunes to a couple of fast-food items is bewildering. Are these questions you’re really trying to ask? No doubt Marvin Gaye is turning over in his grave