Remember that time when Kanye West went to Nando’s in London and everyone lost their minds? Sure, part of that response was because it was Yeezy, but it’s also a normal reaction to going to Nando’s, the Peruvian-chicken chain that is pretty much the Kanye of fast food in the UK.

British MC Stormzy recently tweeted a crafty Nando’s menu hack for the non-poultry eaters out there: a piece of grilled halloumi on some garlic bread.

And just like that, Nando’s tweeted back a menu with a #Merky Burger, referencing Stormzy’s Beats 1 radio show. The description takes the rapper’s instructions and contributes a touch of chili to the unstoppable combo. Tweet and ye shall receive.

Unfortunately, a Nando’s spokesperson later clarified that the new item would not be added to official menus, but that you can get the components and build it yourself, just as Stormzy suggests. If you can’t get to Nando’s in the UK, just buy some Portuguese rolls and make these sandwiches while listening to “Know Me From.”

[via FactMag]