If there’s one thing that could replace baseball as America’s favorite pastime, it’s food. Because let’s be real: Snacks are the only reason that most people go to the ballpark anyway. And while most teams will try and entice fans with garlic fries and over-the-top hot dogs, or by replacing their team name and logo with ‘The Tacos’, Central California’s Stockton Ports are hosting “Asparagus Night” this coming May, touting vegetables and featuring the coolest baseball jersey we’ve ever seen.


Being in the heart of California’s agricultural belt, and a key port in the state, Stockton has a long love affair with asparagus. This goes for the baseball team too; according to Ballpark Biz, Asparagus Night is not the first time the Oakland A’s Class A affiliate has celebrated the vegetable. Three years ago, the team created ‘5 O’Clock Dock’ as a logo, showing a dock worker holding a giant piece of asparagus. Additionally, the team’s kids’ club logo was changed to a small piece of personified asparagus.

So Stockton’s upcoming Asparagus Night should really come as no surprise, at least if you’ve been following Central California Minor League Baseball. And if you didn’t know, now you know—with plenty of time beofre May to cop one of those fire ‘Asparagus Night’ Port’s jerseys.

[via Cut 4Ballpark Biz]