On the hardcourt, Michael Jordan seemingly defied gravity by dunking from the free-throw line. But according to rumors, MJ’s “reach” for his wallet at the dinner table left a lot to be desired.

In a Reddit thread called “Which celebrity is a complete asshole?”, plebs got to vent their frustrations about why Michael Bay is a supreme a**hole, or share stories about William Shatner charging $100 for an autograph. Of course, when it comes to an open forum such as Reddit, facts should be taken with a grain of salt.

One anecdote that caught our attention, however, was a slight at Michael Jordan’s tipping habits. According to user Westfunk, MJ takes the Kanye approach when it comes to gratuity at dining establishments—a.k.a., “My presence is a present kiss my a**.”

I have a waiter friend who took care of Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley once. Apparently MJ told him that the privilege of waiting on them was his tip. Barkley slipped him a hundred on the way out and apologized.

While you could easily dismiss the claim as complete hearsay, it’s not the first time we’ve heard shots fired at Jumpman’s willingness to fork over bills after a meal. Two years ago, Sports Illustrated reported that fellow HOFer and dining companion Charles Barkley called out Jordan on Conan O’Brien’s show for being cheap:

[pullquote]”There’s nobody cheaper than Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan,” Barkley said. “Oh yeah, [Jordan is] cheap. I always give homeless people money and he will always slap my hand [and tell me], ‘If they can ask you for spare change, they can say, ‘Welcome to McDonald’s, can I help you, please?’“[/pullquote]


Barkley isn’t the only high-profile person to shed light on the matter either. Back in 2010, SB Nation reported that Rich Strafella, VP of Hard Rock Hotel, witnessed Wayne Gretzky correct Jordan’s $5-chip tip to a waitress by snagging it away from her and replacing it with a $100-chip from MJ’s stack.


But perhaps we’re jumping the gun—maybe MJ has a hierarchy of tipping we’re unaware of. Said Reddit user Kevo31345:

My dad’s friend had a kid that was a caddie at Medinah Country Club (super nice course in Chicago that they play the Ryder Cup and PGA Championship in sometimes). He caddied for MJ once and, while MJ barely said a word to him for 4 hours, he left a $1000 tip.

Now, that ain’t no mulligan, is it?