It has been quite a few months since McDonald’s began offering McMuffins and hash browns past its regular morning hours, and the All Day Breakfast push has not been without its hiccups. As we reported back in October of 2015, franchisees has been suffering from a handful of kitchen and service issues, and the employees aren’t happy.

Now, it looks like Australian McDonald’s locations are experiencing similar issues after adopting the all-day breakfast menu in February. An Australian Reddit page has turned into a public dumping ground of frustrations, where McDonald’s employees gather to complain about the new menu.

Take a look at what Reddit user Doctorzaps has to say about the change:

I’m currently on my lunch break (while at maccas) and all day breakfast fucking sucks. After about 3 we do cook to order breakfast which takes up so much fucking time, I work at a new store that opened up 4 months ago so space isn’t really an issue but cleaning the grills to put down sausage is a bitch…IMO do NOT order all day breakfast after 3 because you don’t know what you’re going to get, some of my co-workers disgust me.

Also it’s a massive pain in the ass.

Another employee chimes in with the following:

Basically it’s a chaotic mess during change over. This may not be the same for all stores but for my one, we now have a dedicated egg steamer that cooks the eggs pretty well. The egg steamer comes in handy because its fairly simple to clean although you can only drop 12 eggs at one time so we are always waiting on eggs. Underneath the egg steamer we have two muffin toasters with the muffins in the bun rack underneath the toasters. This is all on a standalone trolley thing that you can pull out on wheels but since it’s all day breakfast, it’s stationed wherever theres space in the store.

The grills are already a nightmare with the CYT burgers taking up two of our 5 grill platens so again, when we do food safety, it’s an absolute nightmare.

After about 11am, there aren’t as many breakfast orders than you would think so normally when we get a breakfast order its pretty simple because we only need muffins, sausage and egg. We already cooked bacon after 10:30 before all day breakfast and hotcakes were already all day so thats not too bad. We do often fall behind, the biggest issue for us is making the breakfast foods at the other end of the MFY line whilst there are normal burgers that also need to be made.

And then there’s Reddit user whirlwind-tessen, who adds,

It just sounds like that there’s no organisation at all. Everyone is whinging but are you doing anything? Probably not.

McDonald’s does have some changes up its sleeve to improve things. We reported back in November that the chain plans on creating a simpler menu and adopting new training programs to improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. It’s going to take some time until we are able to see how these results pan out, but in the meantime, we have the Internet to keep us informed on how McDonald’s is doing.

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