Admit it—there is a small morbid part of you that has wondered what human flesh tastes like. You are definitely not alone. According to Mashable, Greg Foot, a presenter for the BBC’s “Brit Lab,” went on a mission to find out and filmed the process.

Legally, you are not only not allowed to eat another human, but you’re also not allowed to eat your own flesh. So he turned to scientists to help him mimic eating his own body. To do this, the scientists biopsied part of his leg muscle and cooked it up to analyze the aromas in the lab. Foot notes that the smell of his leg meat cooking is actually “quite nice.” He adds, “It’s really meaty though, like a lot richer than pork or chicken…it’s like beef and ale stew or something.”

Foot then whipped up a burger made up of meats his own flesh most closely resembles—which is this case was a mix of lamb and pork. After biting into the burger, Foot offers up his verdict: “It’s like really beefy, bit lamb-y. I think that’s going to be the closest I’m ever going to get to tasting human.”

If you are curious to see how human meat tastes, a company called Bite Labs announced 2014 that it is working towards growing meat from celebrity tissues samples. The site hopes to take samples from celebrities like Kanye West, Jennifer Lawrence, and James Franco, grow it into meat in a lab, and use it as part of an “artisanal” salami blend.

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