In the odd case that you find yourself lost in the woods with nothing but a lemon, six nails, some copper clips, wire, and steel wool, you have all the tools you need to make fire.

Using a little bit of science and a lot of creativity, Youtuber NorthSurvival demonstrates exactly how a lemon can be used as the perfect fire starter.

Here’s what you will need:

  • one lemon
  • six copper clips
  • six zinc nails
  • one piece of wire
  • steel wool

The survivalist host explains that the reaction between the copper wires and the zinc carries electricity from the citrus. After adding the wire to the copper clip and zinc nail, the lemon is capable of producing five volts of electricity.

Once your makeshift battery is complete, just place each wire on the steel wool, produce a flame, and start building your fire.


Thank you, scientist.


The dude who hosts this video is incredible and worth spending more time with, by the way. You should also check out his tutorial on baking a cake inside an orange—big “tumbs” up!

[via YouTube]