Recently, Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco remixed Desiigner’s smash-hit “Panda,” which seems odd since he’s more prone to rhyme about Japanese anime than credit-card scammers or women in Atlanta. For his own version, however, Lupe found an unlikely muse: mall fast-food staple Panda Express.

Lupe released “Express” last night, and by digging into the lyrics, we can glean several things about Fiasco’s Panda-Express dining habits, several of which are legitimate pro-tips:

On appropriate utensils: “Teriyaki/panda/bigger plate/panda/waiting in line/I got manners/I work with them chopsticks like Daniel.”

On recommended dishes: “I know it I don’t need no samples/I’m a professional don’t need examples/that sweet fire chicken’s bananas.”

On proper accoutrements: “Chili sauce on the Panda/Chow mein me redder than Santa.”

Of course, Lupe being Lupe, he slipped a few clunky bars into the track (“Fortune cookie told me my future/said that I’m gonna be super/it said that I’m gonna be super/as long as I don’t do nothin’ stupid”), but this man definitely knows his way around the sneeze-guard at the local food court.

Listen to “Express” below. As for his 2016 plans, Lupe is supposedly dropping three albums this year, so maybe we’ll get a Gucci Mane-esque food trilogy, a la Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. The first album is called Drogas , though, so don’t hold your breath. If anything, one Twitter user has a legitimate idea we can all rally around to boost Fiasco’s foodie bonafides.