American chip companies are known to offer the best, most adventurous flavors in other countries, like Olive Doritos in France and crab-flavored Lays in Greece. However, the USA might soon be getting in on the experimental-flavor action. According to Brand Eating, it appears as if Lays is testing out a Tikka Masala flavored kettle chip in Milwaukee modeled after the popular Indian dish.

While Lays has been launching err, interesting, flavors like cappuccino and mango salsa, as part of its Do Us a Flavor contest, Tikka Masala actually sounds like a good idea. The flavor, which has been spotted at Costco locations in the city apparently get the “complexities of a proper tikka masala… perfectly.” It’s hard to imagine that tomato-y, onion-y, deeply spiced potato chip wouldn’t taste good. There’s no word on whether or not the flavored will be rolled out nationwide.Until then, you might have to get your tikka masala fix from an Indian buffet.

This isn’t the first time Lay’s has experiment with Indian-inspired flavors. Last year, the company sold butter chicken-flavored chips, but only in Canada.Brand Eating says that besides the Tikka Masala the company has yet to offer Indian-flavors in the US.

[via Brand Eating]