Some of you may recall that in 2015, we launched our very first L.A. Week, where we hit the streets to uncover an emerging taco scene in South L.A., investigated the crazy world of the city’s top bottle-service girls, and even mined the most iconic BBQs in L.A. hip-hop music video history.

Fresh off a Lakers’ upset over one of the greatest teams in NBA history the Golden State Warriors, we thought it’d be appropriate to once again celebrate the city’s vast food culture with L.A. Week 2016. For our second go-around, we’ve lined up a series of stories that play on familiar themes (tacos, burgers, Chinese food, weed) but unlock some new insights into a well-traversed city (thanks to a Dodgers legend and walking-and-talking Mexican food encyclopedia, among others).

To keep up with all the activity, follow us on Twitter and Instagram—and don’t be surprised if you come across iconic rapper pics and stoner lifestyle essentials. This is, after all, L.A. Week. Suh, dude.—Justin Bolois