If you’ve ever lived in a college town, you know how fast Jimmy John’s delivers. The company that boasts “Subs so fast you’ll freak” is known for its lightening-quick store-to-door delivery times. Still, this latest tale of Jimmy John’s delivery-guy heroics is next level.


As you can see in the in the clip above from News 4 Jacksonville, one Jimmy John’s biker was in the middle of a sandwich route when a passing cargo train impeded his delivery. While most would wait a couple minutes for the train to pass and hope the customer still tips, this parkour enthusiast put his bike on his back and climbed over the moving freighter to bypass the obstacle.

The display of delivery prowess happened in a suburb of Jacksonville, so count this one in the ‘only in Florida’ category.

The video was sent to the news channel by a motorist who recorded the whole thing on a phone. The biker hasn’t been identified, but a local Jimmy John’s franchise owner told News 4 that, while deliveries are expected to be fast, they’re also expected to be safe.

“All of our delivery employees are expected to obey all traffic laws and make all deliveries in a safe, timely manner for themselves, as well as for other people on the road,” franchisee Elizabeth Scott said.


This isn’t the first time a delivery dude has gone beyond the call of duty to make a customer happy. Last year, a pizza delivery guy in Kentucky was stabbed and carjacked, but still dropped off the pie before getting his wounds taken care of.

If the mystery Jimmy John’s worker gets fired over this, he should probably move up to New York City, where biking like a maniac is highly encouraged.

[via News 4 Jacksonville]