It’s been a little over three months since Jared Fogle was stripped of his title as Subway spokesperson and sentenced to jail. It looks like prison life is really taking a toll on Jared.

In case you forgot, Jared is famous for downing Subway sandwiches and dropping 245 pounds in the process, and also for having sex with minors and owning and distributing child porn. Now the former spokesman is gaining back the weight, thanks in part to a seriously unhealthy prison diet. An insider tells InTouch,

“Jared’s breakfast is usually Frosted Flakes with fruit or oatmeal with cake. He loves ‘cake day’ in the dining hall twice a week and he buys Honey Buns by the box, as well as other pastries, in the commissary on his weekly shopping day. He’s been known to eat an entire box of eight at one sitting!”

InTouch reports that Fogle has reportedly been the target of prison bullies. An inmate tells InTouch, “Jared is regularly taunted by those who have it out for him.” A recently released inmate elaborates, “one of the men called Jared a ‘dirty child rapist’ and told him to ‘get the f–k out’ and not come back.”

Fogle has even earned himself the nickname “Chomo,” short for “child molester,” thanks to the actions that put him in prison in the first place.

[via InTouch]