Jared Fogle is barely four months into his 15-year prison sentence, which he’s serving after being found guilty of possession and distribution of child pornography, but it’s already been eventful. Stories have circulated the the former Subway spokesman has gained significant weight and been beaten up. Now, he’s allegedly received a job at his Colorado prison that should make fans of Seinfeld-esque irony chuckle: cafeteria worker.

Here’s what TMZ is reporting:

We’ve learned the former Subway pitchman was assigned cafeteria duties at Federal Correctional Institution Englewood. His principal duty was serving sandwiches at the end of the line. Our sources say prison officials were privately giggling over the irony.

The problem … inmates felt Fogle was getting celebrity treatment with a cushy job, and especially after he was beaten up in January, so officials decided to move him from the inmate cafeteria.

According to the outlet, Fogle is now serving the correctional officers in their dining hall, handling “higher-end food, including steaks.”

If accurate, this leak is further proof that life’s got infinite punchlines.

[via TMZ]