We’re living in a time of peak ice-cream innovation: There are doughnut cones, churro ice-cream sandwiches, and pints made from wine. Ice-cream makers aren’t holding back when it comes to flavors, either—remember when Coolhaus added a pizza ice cream to its menu? Well, the game shows no signs of slowing down: RocketNews24 writes that fried-chicken ice cream in now an option in Japan. (Coolhaus also made fried chicken-and-waffles ice-cream sandwiches once.)

The flavor was create as a dessert for Japan’s annual Karaage Festival. Karaage, or Japanese-style fried chicken, is breaded with panko and often seasoned with garlic and ginger, which will probably give the ice cream all kinds of complexity. The ice cream itself is a soft serve that is the color of fried-chicken breading.

Japan’s frozen-treats makers have a history of boldly going where no ice cream has ever gone before. Last year, the Cup Noodles Museum launched a instant ramen-flavored soft serve. The treat came in two varieties — soy sauce and curry ramen. The ice cream could even be topped with savory items like ground meat, eggs, leeks, and shrimp.

[via RocketNews24]