The next time someone makes fun of you for standing on a chair to get a perfect overhead shot of that #brunchspread, tell them that you’re doing it in the name of science. According to the CBC, a new study published in the Journal of Consumer Marketing shows that photographing your food can make it taste better. So yes, go ahead and have a mini photoshoot with that box of doughnuts.

The study found that photographing your food causes a “momentary active delay in consumption,” a.k.a you take a minute to appreciate what you are eating instead of immediately going h.a.m. on that plate of poutine. This allows you to “savor the experience, making the food taste even better” when you finally get to eat.

However, the trick only works if you are about to eat an indulgent dish like a stacked hamburger or a candy-loaded milkshake. Instagramming a kale salad won’t make it taste any less like bitter leafy dirt. But there is a way to combat that, writes the CBC. Looking at photos of smoothie bowls and avocado toasts on healthy eating social media account can help make the nutritious foods taste better because “you’ll feel like one of the gang.”

The study contradicts one conducted by the Brigham Young University School of Management in 2013. The BYU study suggested that looking at too much food porn could make you enjoy your food less. It can lead to “sensory boredom” and you become tired of the taste without having ever eaten it. We say do you and ‘gram away, unless of course it’s a dish that should just never be photographed.

[via CBC]