From Ample Hills in NYC to Jeni’s in Ohio, ice-cream parlors keep getting more creative, and increasingly their flavors are more widely available than ever via online stores or distribution deals with retailers. The latest frozen-treats trailblazer to sign up with Whole Foods is San Francisco’s beloved Humphry Slocombe, known for its wild flavors like foie gras, “government cheese,” and spotted dick.

So far, the new Humphry Slocombe pints—which focus on more reserved flavors like Tahitian Vanilla and Honey Graham—will be limited to 38 Northern California locations, including San Francisco, East Bay, Marin and the South Bay, according to SFGate. Each pint goes for $9.99.

Here’s what ice-cream wiz Sam Mason of Oddfellows had to say about Humphry Slocombe when he proselytized for the shop in our bucket-list ice cream story:

Humphry Slocombe is, and has always been, a stop for when we visit San Francisco multiple times a year. My favorite flavor is their Harvey Milk and Graham Crackers, but I could probably name a bunch more. Every time I go there are always people there waitingeagerly in line. It reminds me a lot of what we have here in NYC with people expecting to taste something new and unique. They are innovators and they do things that make sense (not just throwing weird things together for the sake of being weird); all their combinations have some justification behind them. They’re consistent and on-point with the texture as well. Don’t expect to find any plain-jane flavors here. They usually add something (like salt to chocolate) to set it apart. To sweeten the deal even more, they have a great sense of humor and apply that to their business with their decor and flavor names. The place is just odd—and we like that.

Fingers crossed for a broader expansion, as well as some of Humphry Slocombe’s beer-infused options getting packaged.

[via SFGate]