The trailer for Eddie Huang’s new Viceland show, “Huang’s World,” opens with Desiigner “Panda” bumping over a shot of the chef/author riding an ATV on the beach. We’re intrigued.

The new series, which premiers on Viceland April 28, will explore the food, people, and culture of Taiwan, Sicily, Jamaica, Turkey, and more. “We’re here because we want to see society in a new and different way. We choose food, because every time you look at a plate it’s a distillation of history, culture, and identity,” says Huang.

In addition to the new Viceland show, Huang is dropping a second book, titled Double Cup Love: On the Trail of Family, Food, and Broken Hearts in China, on May 31. According to Vulture, Double Cup “finds Huang on a quest to his ancestral homeland and falling in love in a bar in Brooklyn. The memoir tracks the author and restaurateur’s journey to China with brothers Evan and Emery to find out how his food stacks up in the Chinese food scene.” Putting it on our summer reading list, no doubt.

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