The idea of a buffet is inherently gluttonous: A large variety of food is laid out, all for your eating pleasure. While it is encouraged to pig out at a buffet—that’s what they are there for, after all—going H.A.M. while filling up your plates, only to leave most of it untouched, is a sad consequence of that style of eating. According to the South China Morning Post, that is exactly what happened when a group of Chinese tourists at a buffet in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

A video shows the tourists pushing, shoving, and reaching to get as much shrimp from the buffet as possible. You can see some of the visitors using their plates as a shovel to get as many crustaceans as possible—a feat even fictional shrimp aficionado Forrest Gump would be in awe of.

(Photo: Facebook/Kee Chan)

Based on a small sample size of pictures provided by the same person who uploaded the video, a fair amount of food was left on their tables, uneaten. Even it’s hard to tell the overall scope of waste, it still prompted “widespread criticism of the tourists’ greed.” SCMP writes that some Chinese citizens have left comments on local sites carrying the video saying that the tourist have “brought disgrace to all Chinese.”

(Photo: Facebook/Kee Chan)

The potential for enormous shrimp waste at the buffet is even harder to swallow when you consider the appalling conditions the Thai fishing industry deploys. The large seafood suppliers rely primarily on slave labor and coercion tactics. Many workers—who are trafficked in from Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar—are housed in peeling sheds against their will and forced to gut, de-vein, and peel shrimp for major Thai seafood suppliers.

[via SCMP]