Advancement in nothing new for Gatorade, but the company that started with a sports drink and has since expanded to fruit chews, protein powder and even more delicious blue flavors is taking their innovation to a whole new level with the Smart Cap. The new technically advanced bottle is attached to a wearable skin patch, and electronically tracks the users electrolyte levels, hydration and sweat.

According to Mashable, the Smart Cap, which is still in development stages, will gather knowledge from a band-aid like skin patch that the user wears. With the patch on, the Smart Cap will read the users hydration levels and sweat, and give suggestions as to what type of Gatorade would best replenish the athlete.

To accompany the Smart Cap bottle, Gatorade will produce 12 specialized pods that snap onto the bottom of the bottle, providing different doses of electrolytes, carbohydrates and calories, depending on how the cap reads the users patch.

The Smart Cap will be completely customizable, with personalized lettering, team logos and LED lights that tell you when you’ve reached peak hydration. The cap made its trial debut with the Brazilian National soccer team in 2014, and while the product is slated to be available for professional athletes this year, us regular folk will have to wait another year or two before we can strap on a patch and track our sweat.

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