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We already know that Freddie Gibbs is a munchies guru, with strong opinions on everything from red Gatorade to Dairy Queen Blizzards. But it’s one thing to pick a stoner snack from a deli lineup, and quite another to make one from scratch.

To get a lesson in pizza-making, Gibbs hooked up with the pie-slingers at Prime Pizza on Fairfax Avenue to turn his “all-white-meat meat lovers” pie dreams into reality. As he and Noah Galuten complete their mission, Freddie weighs in on everything from vegans (“I feel like you eating paper”), truffles (“throw some truffle on it, that just makes everything better”), and the latest TMNT movie (“a Ninja Turtle can’t throw no car, dog—that’s bullshit”).

Watch the video above to see Freddie Gibbs and Prime Pizza’s Noah Galuten create a “Street Lovers Pizza.”

Visit Prime Pizza: 446 N Fairfax Ave (323-852-1188,