Life on a pizza shop salary is pretty tough. And while lots of food service employees supplement their income with a second job or side hustle, some choose to make extra cash by selling drugs. That was the case with four men who got busted this week for running a cocaine ring out of Connecticut’s Colony Pizza House.

According to NBC Connecticut, one of the four men ran karaoke and trivia nights at the pizzeria. It wasn’t specified what the other three employees did at the restaurant, but we’re betting those trivia nights were pretty intense.

The investigation into the coke boys was active for four months before the arrests, and as of now all four men have been released on bond and are awaiting court dates.

For one of the dealers this story is nothing new, he was involved in a similar drug bust at a different, now closed, restaurant in the same Connecticut town. Something tells us the judge won’t be buying any ‘I thought it was garlic salt!’ type of excuses from the repeat offender.

We’re just sorry for all the people who will be disappointed by next weeks lackluster karaoke night.

[via NBC Connecticut]