The “Most Interesting Man in the World” is about to get a little less interesting. According to Quartz, Dos Equis is retiring actor Jonathan Goldsmith as their sauve, bearded, dapper spokesperson. Goldsmith has played the character, which is known for his outlandish accomplishments like being “on the upgrade list of flights he hasn’t even check into,” since 2006.

The beer brand, which is owned by Heineken, will replace Goldsmith with a new actor this Fall. The motivation behind the swap is to “give the campaign a more contemporary feel,” compared to Goldsmith who is now 77. He will appear in one more ad campaign which debuts tomorrow and then Goldmith’s character “will embark on a one-man mission to Mars, never to return again.” The role of the Dos Equis spokesperson was originally meant to be someone “young, male beer drinks would aspire to become,” hence why they hired Goldsmith, and there is no word on whether or not the new actor will be much younger.

Dos Equis isn’t the only major food or drinks brand undergoing a spokesperson actor swap. For its most recent commercials, fried chicken chain KFC has turned to a slew of comedians to play Colonel Sanders including SNL alums Norm McDonald and Darrel Hammond. Most recently, Jim Gaffigan took the reigns and last week actor David Alan Grier nominated himself to be the first black Colonel Sanders.

[via Quartz]