While Carl’s Jr. CEO Andy Puzder pines for the day when he can ditch human workers for robotic ones, that future might be closer than we thought.

Domino’s in Australia revealed a delivery robot called DRU, Domino’s Robotic Unit, a machine that will start bringing Brisbane customers’ pies to their doors. Lifehacker Australia breaks down the specs of the ‘bot in its exclusive report:

It can’t get lost—DRU utilizes a GPS that is powered by Google Maps, so it can pinpoint customers’ exact location as soon as the order is loaded into the unit.
Food will remain hot, no matter where it’s going—Domino’s has also constructed a built-in heating compartment. However, “it’s only capable of delivering an average-sized pizza order,” which the publication notes disqualifies any large, party-sized orders.
It’s smart—Much like its Google Maps capability, the DRU “uses a LIDAR sensory system that allows the unit to detect obstacles in its path.” Pretty sweet.
It’s a hardass—It also has cameras that will help it fend off theft.

Here’s the rub, though: The machines probably won’t hit the road for another couple of years, as they haven’t been approved by the Queensland Department of Transport of Main Roads yet.

However, Puzder should cover his ears if he’s serious about going full-robotic: The chain doesn’t plan to use DRUs to replace human workers. The machines will work in tandem with sentient pizza deliverers.

[via Lifehacker]