We’ve spent a day with Frank Pinello before at his excellent slice joint, Best Pizza, in Williamsburg. Now, it looks like his days are getting even more exciting as he embarks on a worldwide search for the most interesting pies and pizzaiolos on his new Vice series, “The Pizza Show.”

In the first episode, he kicks off the adventure on his home turf, checking out some of the other restaurants that define Brooklyn pizza today: Roberta’s in Bushwick, Lucali in Carroll Gardens, and Di Fara in Midwood. Lucali may be a favorite Jay Z and Beyoncé, but its owner Mark Iacono—a real Brooklyn character—rarely does press, so it’s a pleasure to watch him here in his element: playing bocce with the old neighborhood guys in the park, making meatballs, and visiting G Esposito & Sons pork store.

The episode also features one of the foundational figure of New York pizza, Dom DeMarco, who’s still slinging pies well into his 70s. Seeing how much Pinello and Iacono idolize Dom is heart-warming—they even get him to sign their shirts and declare themselves “Di Fara groupies.”

Watch the clip above for a rare glimpse of some NYC pizza legends in action.

[via Munchies]