If you follow DJ Khaled on Snapchat, you’re aware of the major keys to his diet and hygiene routine—egg whites, turkey bacon, Listerine, cocoa butter, et al. But his food affiliation has some fans questioning the mogul’s loyalty to his Palestinian roots (he was born in New Orleans to parents who immigrated from Palestine).

In the past, Khaled has spoken with pride about his favorite Arabian cuisine, including a rice-and-lamb dish called maqluba. But after his appearance at Sabra’s “Guac the Bowl” event, social activist group Peace House called him out for affiliating with the Big Hummus brand.

In the diss track titled “DJ Khaled Diss #BoycottSabra,” Peace House points to Sabra’s ties with the the Strauss Group, which the New York Times reports is “an Israeli food company that has provided financial support to the Israel Defense Forces’ elite Golani Brigade.”

Activist Ahmad Hussam tells Fusion,

[pullquote]“I wish [DJ Khaled] would speak more about being Palestinian..I wish he would say ‘Free Palestine…Now instead of being neutral, DJ Khaled is supporting the oppression of his own people. [Guac the Bowl is] where Khaled crossed the line.”[/pullquote]

The song’s message is clear: if Khaled is really against anything that hurts Palestine—as he said in a 2014 interview with Larry King—then he wouldn’t back a product that takes support from the country’s biggest foe. Activist groups were similarly displayed by a Sabra product placement on The Colbert Show last year.

Fusion reports that the video has received a positive response from fans so far. DJ Khaled has yet to respond to the video.

[via Fusion]