Suffice to say that David Chang’s been nothing short of aggressive in expanding his culinary empire. From Maple to Fuku at Madison Square Garden, New Yorkers—and, increasingly, the world—can see Chang’s fingerprints everywhere.

A recent Fast Company profile package on the esteemed chef shows that the empire is about to grow even larger. According to the outlet, Chang’s got a food-delivery service called Ando in the works, which we think might be named after Momofuku Ando, the Japanese inventor of Instant Ramen. Here are the details behind it.

• It’s a partnership with Expa, which is a startup lab from Uber co-founder, Garrett Camp, and will launch in New York City.

• Good news, Midtown office-workers: Its initial delivery area will be Midtown East. Struggle lunches continue to die a brilliant death in the notoriously good food-deprived area.

• J.J. Basil, formerly of wd~50, will develop the menu alongside Chang.

• According to Fast Company, “the culinary sensibility will be very Chang—an amped-up mix of Asian flavors and lowbrow Americana that could include takes on both mapo tofu and Southern fried chicken.” There will also allegedly be a cheesesteak with peppers Chang cites as “maybe the most dangerous thing I’ve eaten all year.”

There’s been no start date mentioned for the delivery service.

So…what about Chang’s involvement with Maple? Fast Company‘s larger profile on Chang mentions that there are no ill feelings between the chef and Maple CEO Caleb Merkl. Both men believe the companies will be able to co-exist, as “nobody orders lunch from the same place every single day.”

Read the full profile on Chang here.

[via Fast Company]