One Dairy Queen in Kemah, Texas is offering up a, err, blizzard, of anti-Hindu sentiments. According to KPRC-2, there are multiple signs, large and small, on display throughout the restaurant, on the front door, and at the drive-thru window that specifically targets Hinduism. The signs have several images of “religious and political leaders and flags” and strange claims surrounded by bad clip art that seem ripped from a conspiracy theorist’s blog.

The franchise owner, Mohammad Dar, who is Muslim himself, believes that “racism is the foundation of Hinduism.” Dar insists that his message is not simply speculation but fact, and that alongside ice cream, “he wants to serve up some education to his customers.” Dar tells the news station, “This the facts, anybody has a problem, I challenge them to prove me wrong. I do not practice racism but human equality.”

Dar claims that of his nearly 200 customers per day, only about one percent have been offended by the signs, which have been up for a few months. The Sri Meenaksi Temple Society, a Hindu organization in Pearland, doesn’t agree with Dar’s thinking, adding, “Hindu philosophy allows one to respect other faiths and accommodate a broad perspective, rather than claiming monopoly of the Divine presence.”

While the relationship between Hindus and Muslims in Southeast Asia has been tense for many generations due largely in part to political strife, it’s rare to see such outward hatred by a Muslim towards a Hindu or vise versa in America. Especially considering the current global political climate where people are willing to create products like the Jihawg bullets. The bullets, which are manufactured in Idaho, are coated in pork byproducts in a horribly racist and offensive way to ward off potential terrorists.

[via KPRC-2]