There are few things in this world that bros haven’t co-opted. From Coachella to rosé, the mouth-breathing dudes among us have made sure to get their fill of whichever event/trend/thing they’ve set their Ray Ban-wrapped eyes on, inevitably ruining it for the rest of us.

Recently, these overgrown children have extended their appropriation of fun to baby showers, which they formerly frowned upon as the domain of women. Here’s what Mashable has to say about this change of heart:

[pullquote][B]aby shower themes that more inclusive for men are on the rise, says Pinterest. Traditionally masculine themes that include beer, poker and BBQ are emerging, as well as pins about “Huggies and Chuggies” or “Beer, Dudes and Diapers.”


In 2015 Pinterest searches for the term “man showers” increased by 149%, and “co-ed showers,” celebrations for both moms and dads, increased by 255%.[/pullquote]

Some snooping on social-media sites like Pinterest and Instagram uncovered some of the food and drink associated with these gatherings. Almost all of them focused on the same basic-bro themes (cheap beer) and stereotypical grub (anything fried).


However, the most egregious aspects of these daddy-focused baby showers might be the cakes.

Cupcakes for Aruns manshower. Thanks @karishmaupad! Too bad they were all gone before I could try one :( #manshower #cupcakes A photo posted by Aishwarya Advani (@aishwaryaadvani) on

In the abstract, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating impending fatherhood. Bringing a child into the world deserves celebration for both partners, and pre-birth ceremonies don’t need to be gender-specific. However, we’d counter that people can throw “dadchelor” parties without the Corona-themed cakes and crappy fried chicken (at least get Popeyes!). This is a baby shower, after all, not the Delts’ pre-game for Greek Week at State U.

At the very least, make sure the beer in the beer cake is New Belgium, and not Bud Light.

[via Mashable]