College kids looking to side-step their sad dorm dinner can now dream of an upgrade they never knew they craved. Cup Noodle is launching two new “luxury” flavors that will transform instant ramen into an exotic meal (or at least an approximation of one).

Nissin Foods, the Japanese company behind Cup Noodle, plans to introduce shark-fin and softshell-turtle varieties in time for Cup Noodle’s 45th anniversary. RocketNews24 reports that Nissin is marketing each flavor as a soup to highlight the fact that the broth is much richer than your run-of-the-mill instant ramen.

Despite the luxe flavors, the outré options are still broke boi–friendly. Each container will cost 230 yen (~$2 USD). But be warned: The shark-fin flavor does not actually contain any shark fin. Instead, it features a processed faux fin, while the softshell-turtle flavor is made using a “softshell turtle powder” (think of it as the truffle oil of the instant-ramen game). But hey, at least no endangered animals were harmed in the making of this.

Japanese noodle fiends can begin flexing on all their friends starting on April 11th. Anyone else will need to find a plug to ship them some boxes.

[via RocketNews24]