Sure, peanut butter is great, but thanks to the plethora of fancy nut butters that have recently infiltrated the market, it seems nearly impossible (not to mention, boring) to choose the regular-old jar of Skippy. Think about it: there’s almond butter, cashew butter, sunflower butter, and even a butter made from cookies. What more could we possibly need?

Funky Nut Co. is just one of the many companies out there ready for you to branch out beyond the peanut butter scene. In honor of the upcoming Easter holiday—a.k.a. Cadbury Creme Egg season—Funky Nut Co. has developed a limited-edition creme egg-flavored cashew butter to sweeten up any snack.

Sometimes.. words arn’t needed.. Ltd edition coming #Cadburyegg #cashew #Easter #cadburyeggs #limitededition #food #Foodporn

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The spreadable creme egg features a cashew butter base with chunks of creme egg added in. The developers even market the spread as “better than Nutella,” but Chrissy Teigen will have to be the judge of that.  Funky Nut’s founder, Julian Campbell, tells Mashable, “The idea is just one of many we have planned for nut butter fans.” At this rate, what hasn’t been converted into a nut butter? 

Funky Nut Co.’s Cadbury Creme Egg creation is just one of many snacks celebrating the egg-shaped treat. McDonald’s UK has developed a Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry to add to the menu, and one UK-based restaurant developed a pizza topped with sweets, most notably the Creme Egg.

[via Funky Nut Co.]