Every time we see Curren$y, we ask him if he’s tried Nutella yet. And even though he still manages to evade the siren song of the beloved chocolate-hazelnut spread, he is fully aware of its power over stoners: “It’s probably great. People can’t seem to shut the fuck up about it.”

As we did recently with hot-smoked salmon and THC oil, some enterprising edibles enthusiasts appear to have finally cracked the code and created the ultimate mashup of weed and munchies: Chrontella, a pot-infused spin on Nutella.

According the Chrontella Instagram page, the brand—which looks like it’s based in Toronto and idolizes Drake (natch)—has also remixed other stoner-friendly toast toppings to create Pif (a spin on Jif peanut butter) and Smokers (a take on Smucker’s strawberry jam).

Vice reports that Chrontella contains 300mg of cannabis extract inside each container, and there are three servings per jar.

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According to Men’s Journal, “Consuming too much THC too quickly can cause extreme anxiety, psychosis, paranoia, panic attacks, or vomiting. The recommended amount of THC to give you a good buzz is 10 to 30 milligrams, depending on your experience with the drug and how your body reacts to it.” But a serving of Chrontella has almost ten times the Men’s Journal recommendation.

As we all know, it’s pretty easy to kill a whole container of Nutella in one sitting. So beware if you ever get your hands on some Chrontella: Reddit users strongly advise against eating an edible with more than 300mg of THC.

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Although Chrontella’s Instagram page notes that none of the items on display are actually for sale, Vice reports that a jar of Chrontella costs $23. Happy hunting, stoners.

[via Vice]