Carne asada fries are one of the essential local foodstuffs of San Diego—sort of a hybrid of nachos and chili fries, featuring a mound of French fries covered in carne asada, guacamole, sour cream, and cheese.

Early on Tuesday morning, however, they took on a more sinister character at Rolberto’s Taco Shop, which was held up at gunpoint by two robbers according to an NBC 7 report.

As the restaurant’s Leo Rodriguez tells it, one man walked in after 4am demanding carne-asada fries. But when Rodriguez and his father started cooking the order, the man and his accomplice—both in masks—entered the kitchen, brandishing a revolver and demanding cash. The carne-asada order was a just a decoy to kick off the heist.

Rodriquez complied and handed over the cash, fearing for the safety of the family in the back. According to the report, one of the robbers explained that the stick-up was necessary because he was unemployed and needed funds to support his own family.

[via NBC 7]