To keep it 100, it must be hard to run a fast-food company. Developing strategies that’ll help your chain stand out while winning back a dwindling consumer base is a difficult balancing act. McDonald’s, for instance, introduced table service and All-Day Breakfast, among other things, to try and reverse its slide.

However, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s chose a different tact in order to stay up: They’ll introduce a “Midnight Moonshine Burger.” According to CNBC, the chains plan to release the non-alcoholic burger with the liquor-flavored glaze on Wednesday, and will use NASCAR driver Junior Johnson to help promote it (according to the outlet, “he’s part owner of Piedmont Distillers, the dispenser of Junior’s Midnight Moonshine”). The pricing for the odd menu item will range from $4.39 for a single to $5.59 for a double or one-third pound version.

CEO Andy Puzder, thinks very highly of it.

“It knocked everybody’s socks off when we tasted it,” he said.


The Midnight Moonshine Burger will be available for a limited time in more than 3,600 locations, but it could become a permanent menu item if it does well enough in stores.

“You have to earn your way onto the menu,” Puzder told CNBC, adding that the burger targets young, hungry guys.

Considering it’s Puzder, this unorthodox thinking isn’t surprising. He’s also in favor of fully automating his restaurants. Setting aside the fact that consumers will not receive any of the upside of moonshine (getting hammered, lol), we’re a bit confused by what the draw is here. The taste of moonshine can be abrasive for many. Do we really want “moonshine essence” to adorn our burgers?

Then again, who would’ve thought that Taco Bell turning Doritos into shells would’ve turned the chain’s fortunes around.

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