When Burger King announced it was adding a grilled hot dog to its menu, fans had mixed feelings. Some were excited, seeing as there aren’t that many fast-food establishments that offer hot dogs.

While others were weary of the idea (after all, it is Burger King), thinking this could be a huge flop for BK.

Despite the mixed feedback, Burger King’s take on the hot dog is making waves. According to Business Insider, the BK Grilled Hot Dog is doing surprisingly well for the brand. As Grub Street notes, Carrols Restaurant Group reports between “80 and 120 hot dogs [are sold] per store per day.” 

Burger King’s grilled hots dogs come in two flavors: classic and chili cheese, which Wienerschnitzel fans will note is part of the hot-dog chain’s winning formula. Business Insider notes that, because the hot dogs are so small, customers tend to order additional food, making the menu item extremely profitable for Burger King.

If only they would just add all-day breakfast.

[via Business Insider]