It has been a number of months since Burger King rolled out the infamous Halloween black burger bun that turned everyone’s poop green. Now, BK is back at it again, unleashing the so-called Angriest Whopper with a hot sauce-infused bun.

USA Today reports that the Whopper will be available only for a limited time at select BK locations. In addition to the red bun, the burger includes jalapeños, bacon, “flaming” onion petals, and cheese.

Burger King first introduced the ultra-red bun in Japan with its “Aaka [red] Samurai Chicken” sandwich and “Aka Samurai Beef” burger, kicked up even further with a slice of bright-red cheese. Both limited-edition Japanese burgers included “angry sauce” made from miso and doubanjiang, a spicy fermented bean paste.

The American version hits the market on the brink of the country’s obsession with spicy foods. Back in 2015, Wendy’s banked on the consumer desire to try some of the spiciest foods with its Ghost Pepper Fries. Even KFC has started pushing its “Nashville Hot Chicken” to attract customers looking for a kick.

Now, we’re left to wonder whether this new bun innovation will be cause for concern in the bathroom. Time will tell.

[via USA Today]