After Donald Trump dominated the Super Tuesday polls, people from all over the world are realizing the possibility that Trump could actually be the United States’ next president. Despite what the results might tell us about America, Trump isn’t the most loved candidate internationally.

Take a look at one London pub’s voting method, for example. According to The Week, The Three Stags pub has set up public urinals equipped with cardboard cutouts of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio for the television show The Last Leg. Visitors are able to cast their votes by peeing into the face of the Republican candidate they hate the most.

Oh, and don’t worry ladies, you’re included in this too.

On March 4th, the votes will be tallied and the most hated Republican candidate in London will emerge victorious. Currently, Trump is the most popular candidate’s face to pee in. Owner Richard Bell tells The Week, “90 percent of people, including me, pee in Trump’s mouth every time.”

Can’t say we’re surprised to hear that one.

[via The Week]