In perhaps the most British thing to happen since the invention of car tea kettles, two Boeing 777 aircrafts (you know those giant transcontinental passenger planes) filled with biscuits landed at an airport in England yesterday to help alleviate the national biscuit shortage. Mashable writes that the crisis began when the Biscuit Works Factory in Carlisle was hit hard after a handful of storms that caused widespread flooding in Northern England in late December.

Because of the inclement weather, the factory—which produces a number of popular biscuit brands including Jacob’s, Carr’s, and McVitie’s—had to halt production, causing Britain’s worst nightmare. The factory is slated to be fully up-and-running again this month, but until then the nation will be supplied with the planeloads of biscuits flown in from the UAE.

It’s heartwarming to see countries help each other out in time’s of food crises. Good ole England came to the rescue of pork-starved Americans during the Great Chipotle Carnitas Shortage of 2015. Chipotle—pre-E. coli outbreak—was struggling to keep its popular carnitas in stock at its restaurants because it cut ties with its main supplier over its sustainability standards. So, for months, Chipotle fans had to turn to other fillings for their burrito bowls. However, British distributor Karro Foods agreed to supply Chipotle with carnitas, helping to bring an end to the porcine shortage.

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