“I built my career off of weed,” says Berner, the Bay-Area based rapper, entrepreneur, and Taylor Gang affiliate, known for his collaborations with Wiz Khalifa and the late Jacka.

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for celebrities to develop a signature strain of cannabis. But for Berner—who owns a popular grinder company, Santa Cruz Shredder, and has a Youtube show called Marijuana Mania—his alignment with marijuana culture is not the usual PR stunt.

“I was a bud tender from the age of 18 to 24, working at a cannabis club,” he says. “I’ve seen it from every aspect of the business, and I want to make sure that when it does go legal [recreationally speaking], that we’re not smoking a bunch of trash that government says we should grow.”

Aside from these dreams of a better future for bud, Berner is a munchies aficionado of the highest order. “I built a movie theatre in my house, and one of the first things we did was install a real concession stand,” he says proudly. “It have boxes of candy lined up, beverages. All of it. I’m a sick fuck with snacks, bro.”

To get a better read on Berner’s snacking skills, we ran through a list of stoner staples and asked him a simple question—cop or nah? 

Capri Sun

Berner says: “Man, I’m a big advocate of Capri Sun, especially since they came out with that big pouch. The tall ones are the truth! Because with the small ones, one squeeze and that thing was gone.”

FWF: “Are the tall ones still around?”

Berner: “I’m not sure if they were discontinued, or I was high and imagining it, but I think they do have ’em, and if that’s so, then they’re geniuses.” (Photo: thischattanoogamommysaves.com)

Verdict: Cop


Berner says: “They’re on deck at all times when we’re on tour. When I eat Uncrustables, they have to be at a medium freeze, and I want peanut butter to be a little hard. It’s gotta be nice and cold, but still soft. I don’t even eat them hot. We crush ’em cold baby boy. (Photo: walmart.com)

Verdict: Cop


Berner says: “Bro, my ex-wife says she’s gonna write a tell-all book about my habit. Around Easter, I’ll wake up, get high, put on The Shining, and eat hella peeps.(Photo: Facebook/Peeps and Company)

Verdict: Cop

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

Berner says: “I used to love them as a kid, but I try to stay away from them in general because it leaves you hella orange. Now that I roll joints all day, I don’t wanna smoke Cheeto joints; even if you wash your hands, the residue is still there. Maybe if a girl would feed me some so I wouldn’t have to get my hands dirty.” (Photo: ewg.org)

Verdict: Nah

Tater Tots

Berner says: “If it’s an option, and they’re crispy, I’ll take ’em all day over french fries. Make ’em crispy and I’m with it.(Photo: lifeaftergluten.com)

Verdict: Cop

Lemonhead Hack

Berner says: “I’m gonna give you the game right now, no one has this. If there’s a candy I ride or die for it’s Lemonheads. This is a sick story, but when I’m high, I poke hole in bottom of a cup, drop in the Lemondheads, rinse that bitch with hot water until they turn all the way white, and then eat ’em. It’s just like a pure sugar ball, and it’s the best high food I’ve ever had. It’s diabetes waiting to happen.” (Photo: lemonhead.com)

Verdict: Cop

La Taqueria

Berner says: “When I’m really high and I haven’t eaten all day, I go to La Taqueria on 25th and Mission. People say they serve the best taco in the world, and I believe it. That shit is on point! I always get the crunchy carnitas taco.” (Photo: Yelp/Christine C.)

Verdict: Cop

E-40 malt liquor

Berner says: “I don’t drink beer often but I’m gonna keep it 100—that shit is good. That dude’s my Unc. He’s a Bay Area beast and has taught me a lot. Drink it when it’s freezing cold.” (Photo: complex.com)

Verdict: Cop

Taco Bell

Berner says: “Before seeing all the conspiracy documentaries, and people preaching to me about the negative effects of mass-produced food, I’d get soft beef tacos, no lettuce, extra cheese, with some Bell Grande nachos. That was the move, but I don’t eat it anymore.” (Photo: Facebook/Taco Bell)

Verdict: Nah



Berner says:That’s the best thing ever in the whole world. I like when it’s cold in a mason jar. I cop the Squeeze-Its on the regular. Those are definitely fire.” (Photo: walmart.com)

Verdict: Cop


Berner says:When you put it in the freezer, and it gets medium slush, that’s killin’ everything. It tastes like a Mexican popsicle. People are gonna be like, ‘he’s just plugging his own drink,’ but if you get a case of the strawberry, you’ll see what I mean.” (Photo: hemp20.com)

Verdict: Cop