It doesn’t matter how many Rolexes you have in your collection—you aren’t living your best life until you deck out your wrist with a bento watch. According to Kotaku, this game-changing timepiece flips open to reveal a teeny-tiny—but very edible—bento meal. Best of all, the watch has pop-out chopsticks so that you can consume your secret mini meal on the go.

The watch is the creation of Kyoto-based company Takii Seeds, which recruited a number of experts to make the device. A master watch craftsman designed the timepiece, while a plastic surgeon was hired to cut the tiny vegetables with precision. Then a chef was hired to cook the food, and a diorama maker was tasked with putting the 30mm-diameter bento watch together.

While the micro-bento watch is peak #WatchGoals, it is unfortunately not available for purchase. Takii Seeds created the watch as part of its new promotional campaign. Disappointing, we know. Who doesn’t want to respond to the question of “what time is it?” with “half-past tamagoyaki o’clock?”

Until someone brings a bento watch to market, you can always tide over your food timepiece craving with this McDonald’s wristwatch. Fossil teamed up with the chain to create silver and gold watches that feature a “tastefully small” Golden Arches logo, but no mini meal.

[via Kotaku]