After the viral success of Ben Cohen’s Bernie Sanders-inspired ice cream flavor, Ben & Jerry’s had to find a way to top the political dessert.

The company has introduced three new flavors to its “core” line of ice cream. According to Today, the flavors include Brownie Batter (a half vanilla, half chocolate concoction with a brownie core), Coconuts for Caramel (a coconut ice cream base with caramel in the center), and Cookies & Cream Cheesecake (a chocolate and cheesecake ice cream duo with cheesecake down the center).

Introducing our new trio of dessert-inspired Cores! Commence spooning. Details at link in profile.

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Each flavor in the core line of products has a “soft, gooey” center surrounded by ice cream. This means you could theoretically cut each pint in half and find a perfectly divided ice cream treat.

NBC 10 reports the flavors will be launched in the upcoming weeks. We’re not not going to buy all three pints and do a taste test.

[via Today]