A guy named Indiana Bones caught footage of a random guy swimming with his pet snake in the ocean, tossing it about, while drinking a beer. There is almost no context, which leaves viewers with more questions than answers. For example: what kind of snake is it? Why does it keep coming back? Does it like to be thrown around? What exactly is going on here? Does the snake have a name?

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The reactions, on the other hand, were pretty mixed. Indiana Bones tells Yahoo!,

“There was definitely a split down the middle. There was a lot of families down at Telly. The kids were intrigued and excited that this guy had a pet snake but the parents were not impressed. There was one woman screaming the whole time to get out of the water.”

It’s not every day you see someone tossing a pet snake around for fun, that’s for sure. Shout out to those wild Aussies.

[via Uproxx]