Even though we just recently christened the 2016 baseball preseason as one defined by teams’ allegiances to regional foods, we might’ve spoken too soon.

It looks like teams are still rolling out crazy stadium foods in full force. Case in point: The Atlanta Braves just debuted their concession stands’ wildest items, and it looks like few ball clubs will come close to matching the zany approach of the Braves organization.

The team leads off with a $26 pizza burger (similar to a Wisconsin minor league team’s pizza-wrapped burger) and a loaded hot dog called a “T.E.D. Dog” (“The Everything Dog”).



However, those two items are somehow comparatively tame when placed next to the concession team’s crown jewel: “The Punisher.” Just peep this monstrous sandwich’s ingredients.


It’s hard to imagine a more foreign item to season a sandwich with than a processed energy drink. While Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s just announced that they’ll release a moonshine-flavored burger, at least those brands can be excused for thinking all alcoholic beverages (not just beer and bourbon) make for decent rubs. The Braves’ bringing Monster into the mix is mind-bending, and we can’t determine if, in the end, that’s a good or a bad thing.

Andrew Zimmern would probably say it’s a bad thing, but we’d guess the over-the-top menu items will keep coming regardless.

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