The A$AP Mob universe, of which Harlem rappers A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg are a part, revolves around several things: Rap, high-end fashion, weed, and pretty-motherfucker shit. But the group’s greater aesthetic solidifies itself when those fly-ass things juxtapose against the crew’s roots—like bodegas. Between Rocky and Ferg, both have signaled their affinity for the beloved corner store in their music videos, proving that bodegas are a cornerstone of Uptown culture.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that HBO allegedly had the pair rap as bodega cats for their show Animals (IMDB claims it’ll air as a part of the season 1 episode “Flies”). Besides personifying the one critter you’re most likely to meet upon patronizing a bodega, Rocky and Ferg pay homage to all of the store’s edible staples:

• On potatoes and produce: “Which is on top of a bunch of potatoes/Little fine kitty lay on top of the tomatoes” – Ferg

• On canned fish: “Can of tuna fish went straight to my nasal” – Ferg

• On bread-based products: “Man I hate rats, always eat up the bagels” – Ferg

• On corner-store favorites: “Ask me what my favorite dish is/Either the pussy or the fishes” – Rocky

Neither can claim their best work rhyme-wise, but the greater accomplishment of the seemingly innocuous track is that it speaks to the greater truth about NYC’s corner stores: No matter where you end up, you can always grab a solid meal at your local bodega.

[Via P&P]