Deciding on your last meal is a serious endeavor, especially for someone who has feasted on the world’s culinary spoils as widely as Anthony Bourdain. But apparently, the choice is simple for the chef-turned-TV globetrotter: He’ll have sushi, prepared by the legendary Jiro Ono in Tokyo, accompanied by a lot of sake.

In an interview with The Guardian, Bourdain talks about how he’d spend his final hours on earth—and, boy, does he have a detailed plan. But he’s not trying to draw out the meal part—Bourdain wants to eat the way Jiro serves: fast.

“The rice is always perfect, the seaweed the right consistency and not soggy and the fish at the carefully regulated, preferred temperatures that Jiro works so hard to ensure,” Bourdain told the Guardian.

The Sukiyabashi Jiro experience involves eating around 15 courses in less than 30 minutes. It’s legendary chef was the subject of the 2011 documentary, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, after Bourdain showcased the tiny restaurant on his show No Reservations. President Obama also ate there on his last trip to Japan.

It’s no wonder Bourdain has a detailed plan at the ready—he’s been asked the final-meal questions a lot of times. And each time, he responds faithfully with his one-night-in-Tokyo fantasy, giving all the credit to Jiro and his culinary excellence. Except for one interview, in 2012, when Bourdain described his perfect last meal as a roasted bone marrow and pint of Guinness. Fair enough—that sounds pretty great too.

And what would Bourdain drink with his sushi? Jiro prefers to serve a house-blended tea with his meals, but Bourdain is confident he can convince the master chef to sell him some sake, and join him for a drink.

As for how he’d like to go out, Bourdain wants it short and sweet:

Preferably while I’m still chewing, you could step up behind me and – KGB style – shoot me in the back of the neck. As I sagged to the floor, in my last conscious seconds, I would know that this night, no one on Earth had eaten better than me. Pure pleasure.

[via The Guardian]