Complex Sports sat down with NBA great Allen Iverson and shot the shit about everything from NBA fashion to the time when Iverson lost to Nelly in a game of HORSE. Iverson also told stories about ordering enough Coronas and Philly cheese wraps that he made the Philly TGI Friday’s No. 4 in the country.

What exactly does Iverson love about TGI Friday’s? He tells Complex Sports,

“Just that it’s not too uppity. It’s not bougie. It’s a down to Earth restaurant. I like doing things like that. Unless I’m like taking my girl out. I’ll take her to the real expensive, you know, exotic restaurants. Other than that, when I’m hanging with my friends, we just like to go to a spot where we can chill out. And we like the food there, so it’s always been love at Friday’s… I’ll always be attached to it because I remember a lot of the people in Philadelphia were real when they were greeting me at Friday’s. They always made sure I was comfortable. By me going there, it ended up being the No. 4 Friday’s in the country. So, I did a lot for them too.”

Iverson explains that he first fell for TGI Friday’s when he was in Philly living right down the street from a TGIF’s location. “It was somewhere I could grab me something to eat after practice and go home. After games I used to go there and get me something to eat and go about my business. That was my stomping grounds in Philadelphia.”

His favorite menu items at Friday’s? None other than the Philly cheese wrap. Represent.

[via Complex Sports]