We know that people take their pets’ happiness seriously—even in an economic downturn, owners tend to spend more on their pups and kitties. As a result, the pet-food market is filled with all sorts of over-the-top luxuries, like artisanal frozen yogurt and Rachael Ray-endorsed recipes.

Now, a Dublin restaurant in Ireland called Camile is taking the pampering to the next level by introducing what it claims is the first-ever, on-demand dog treat delivered straight to your door for you dog. (To be fair, there are plenty of dog-food delivery services, but probably none from a Thai restaurant.)

So far, you can order the Doggylicious Treat, which is described as “our rice pudding and mango coulis dog treat topped with luxury Madeleine biscuits.”

Camile’s spokesperson Daniel Green tells Mashable,

“Our head chef noticed that when he brought food home his dog would go crazy because of the smell of the food. Not being able to live with the guilt he came up with the dish and we decided that it would be a great product to share with our customers.”

The idea is undoubtably bizarre. But judging by how far people will go to spoil their dogs, it could certainly work. What’s next? A Postmates for dogs?

[via Mashable]